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Senior Utility Power Distribution Engineer

Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

General Duties and Responsibilities:
. Assist with the procurement of new business for the Company, including preparation of proposals and
. Communicate with all project stakeholders and supervise and mentor all engineering employees.
. Assist with the transfer of knowledge regarding company operations, and updates to the Company
process manual.
. QA/QC Project Management Software and ensure employee compliance.
. Budgeting, cost estimating, and report preparation
. System planning, load forecasting, and master plan preparation
. Specification writing and agreement and security co-ordination
. Local Distribution Company Offer to Connect interpretation
. Coordinate job site inspections during and after construction for compliance with specs
. Client Management, Senior Engineering and Project Management responsibilities listed below
. Other job-related duties as assigned.

Client Management Responsibilities:
. Build relationships with key employees among customers
. Create plans to address clients’ business needs
. Schedule regular meetings with customers to ensure satisfaction
. Act as point of contact for complaints and escalate issues as appropriate
. Help sales team up-sell or cross-sell services and products
. Ensure both the company and clients adhere to contract terms
. Study competition to find new ways to retain customers
. Set sales and revenue targets and work diligently to meet them
. Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. sales, engineers, senior management) to address customers’ needs
. Senior Engineering Responsibilities
. Customer Electrical Servicing include but not limited to:
. Incoming overhead and underground services from utility
. HV & MV Primary and secondary voltage services
. Customer or utility owned transformer, switchgear and metering
. Provide full design engineering services for overhead transmission and distribution projects including
the activities listed below:
. Field verification of existing plant and surrounding conditions
. Design of overhead distribution systems ranging from 2.4kV to 44kV
. Design of overhead transmission systems ranging from 69kV to 230kV
. New services, line expansions, upgrades and voltage conversions
. Employ utility engineering standards for all pole framing and attachments
. Creation of new engineered standards, or one-off installation standards
. Include installation and analysis of 3rd party attachments
. Detailed analysis of structure and component usage under multiple weather conditions
. Detailed analysis of all line clearances and tensions under multiple weather conditions
. Wood, Concrete, Steel and Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structures
. Long-Span crossings over highways, rivers and environmental features and Grade 1 construction
. Design of privately owned electrical transmission and distribution systems to electrical safety authority
having jurisdiction (AHJ) and CSA standards
. Provide full engineering including installation details and detailed bill of materials
. Provide all required documentation to Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), or other electrical safety
authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)
. Underground Transmission and Distribution Utility Design
. Field verification of existing plant and surrounding conditions
. Design of underground distribution systems ranging from 2.4kV to 44kV
. Design of underground transmission systems ranging from 69kV to 230kV
. New services, feeder expansions, upgrades and voltage conversions
. Employ utility engineering standards for all underground installation
. Creation of new engineered standards, or one-off installation standards
. Detailed Underground Trench Design
. Detailed analysis of the mutual heating effects of all buried circuits and surrounding earth
. Analysis and specification of bedding and backfill material requirements
. Provide optimal cable trench design considering the method of trenching and equipment used
. Program Management Responsibilities
. Oversee project management through design, approval, coordination, construction and assumption
. Oversee Contract administration through tendering, award, quantity review, completion and assumption
. Oversee critical project schedule, milestone and deliverables information
. Ensure that critical project work has been verified at key milestones by facilitating design review
. Attend design and project meetings as required.
. Manage, monitor & track project budgets (internal and external), schedules and deliveries
. Job site inspections as required for interpretation of construction drawings, and for general compliance
with specs.
. Facilitate project related problem solving, resource allocation, and issue resolution by engaging
pertinent parties and expertise as required
. Maintain the integrity of the project management tool and other group software, ensuring licenses and
updates are kept current and utilized effectively

Essential Attributes:
. Track record of understanding and supporting technical, business and professional requirements
. Ability to work with Executives to accomplish organizational priorities and guide the Executive and
leadership team through the impact of decision alternatives
. Ability to quickly and efficiently sort through data to identify key issues or variables to consider in
making critically important strategic decisions and strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Excellent communication skills - verbal and written involving high-level communications with internal and
external contacts; ability to listen and simplify details depending upon target audience; ability to
influence others
. Able to handle complexity and ambiguity in a dynamic work environment
. Valuing people: effectively promotes an environment of fairness, equity, consistency and trust in all
interactions internal and external to Vineland; identifies and addresses problematic behaviours and
operating methods.
. Self-knowing & self-development seeks to improve and maintain personal effectiveness in leadership
and high demand situations; remains energized, enthusiastic, and confident in the face of challenges and


Qualifications and Competencies:

  • Graduate of University program in Electrical Engineering with P. Eng. Designation

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in power distribution environment preferred

  • PLS-CADD is the most advanced industry standard software for overhead line modelling and is our preferred software for analysis

  • Computer literate, with working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of programs

  • Excellent working knowledge of AutoCAD and MicroStation drafting software

  • Working knowledge of photometric calculation software for roadway and area lighting

  • Familiarity of Project Management Tools such Asana, Zoho Projects…etc.

  • Knowledge of power distribution system fundamentals, O.E.S.C., CSA Standards and distribution system specs

  • Familiarity with health and safety legislation

  • Organized in time management, priority setting, strategic, insightful, creative and adaptable

  • High level of motivation; self-starter; drive for results, self-assured, confident, self-motivated and goal-oriented

  • Prepared to work occasional evenings or weekends

  • Ability to work with all levels of management and across multiple and varied functional teams to executive levels

  • Basic working knowledge of business operations, project planning and budgeting

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and own car

  • Salary will be based upon experience

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